Each scholar will receive a customized plan to optimize his or her top candidacy into higher education. The planning for entry into a college or university begins before high school. The courses selected for ninth grade begin the pathway for graduation. 

A College & Career Planning (CCP) Advisor will support scholars in navigating high school options and courses to best meet the needs of each scholar. The CCP Advisor will provide assistance to scholars to research and select colleges, complete college admissions applications, as well as complete financial aid forms and scholarship applications. Primary goals of the CCP Advisor are to assist scholars with the successful completion of high school and with enrollment in a college or university. 

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Low-income students who received expert counseling were more likely by 52 percentage points to enroll in four-year colleges where they would not face significant debt burdens – Castleman and Goodman 2018. Financial burdens represent the number one reason students from disadvantaged backgrounds drop out of college.

Nearly 1 in 4 high-achieving, low-income students applies to college completely on his or her own. GenOne ensures all students have a college advisor to advocate, inform and educate them on the college admission process.

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The national ratio of high school guidance counselors to students. Counselors are overwhelmed, under-resourced and under-funded. Due to the overwhelming nature of their work, many struggle to meet with all the students on their caseload once a year.

GenOne Scholar ratio of students to expert college advisors. This ratio ensures that each student from our cohort of 20 receives personalized and professional advice.

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Students average 3, one-to-one meetings with their college advisor plus dozens of emails between 10-12 grade, with advice tailored to the students’ unique personality and interests.

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