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Each scholar will be assigned a mentor who will guide the student and his or her family in navigating resources and communicating opportunities. 

Low-income students who scored between 1200 and 1600 on their SATs were half as likely to finish college than their counterparts in the top 25 percent of the income distribution, according to a recent study. GenOne seeks to change this statistic by supporting students with comprehensive mentorship in college.

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After one year of mentoring, students with mentors have higher GPAs and are more likely to stay in college compared to academically similar students who do not have mentors
– Campbell and Campbell, 1997

Students participating in a college access program in California that includes a mentoring component had a clearer understanding of college and college planning than those students who had shorter, less satisfying relationships with mentors
– Gandara and Mejorado 2005

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Mentoring minority students results in those students being twice as likely to persist in college as non-mentored minority students and having higher GPAs
– Crisp and Cruz 2009

Students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels report that mentoring helped them develop skills and behaviors necessary to succeed professionally
– Schlosser, Knox, Moskovitz, and Hill 2003

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