Our Navigators Keep
GenOne Scholars Engaged.


What is a GenOne Navigator?

A Navigator will become a trusted advocate and resource for their Scholar(s). They will cultivate a positive interpersonal relationship to guide their Scholar(s) on their journey to and through college.

What is the Navigator time commitment?

  • Make a minimum two-year commitment to your assigned Scholar(s)

  • Complete a weekly check-in with your Scholar, virtually or in-person

  • See your Scholar at least once a month in-person. GenOne offers two opportunities per month:

    • Curriculum Events: includes activities such as college visits, leadership academies and community service

    • Navigator-Scholar Connecting Events: fun activities designed to deepen the relationship you are building

  • Attend 50% of GenOne events

  • Attend 1 college advising appointment/year

  • Complete 1 home visit/year

  • Attend 2 Navigator Nights to connect with other Navigators, receive training and provide feedback

  • Submit a monthly log of activities and check-ins completed with your Scholars

What outcomes do we hope to see from your relationship?

  • Form deep, interpersonal relationships with GenOne Scholars. This takes time and dedication.

  • Encourage Scholars in their participation of the GenOne Program and their pathway to college

  • Cultivate confidence in Scholars to attend and matriculate from college

  • Connect Scholars to opportunities presented through GenOne, your own network and the surrounding community

What is the process to become a Navigator?

  1. Fill out our website form: Become a Navigator

  2. Complete a background check

  3. Sign-up for a personal interview with GenOne Staff or Board Members

  4. Attend orientation training

  5. Meet your Scholar & Family

How does GenOne support Navigators?

  • We provide orientation and two professional development (training) opportunities a year

  • Our Navigator staff member will help you develop and maintain a relationship with your Scholars and their family

  • Access to a network of other Navigators in your Scholar cohort for support and community

  • GenOne curriculum uniquely developed for each year Scholars are in the program

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