Our Navigators Keep
GenOne Scholars Engaged.

I’ve been reminded just how bright, eager and courageous students are. The scholars involved with the GenOne program have demonstrated commitment to scholarship, great vulnerability in their personal leadership and an eagerness to learn and connect with others. This is what I have witnessed in just the 6 months I’ve been involved.
— GenOne Navigator

What is a GenOne Navigator?

A Navigator will become a trusted advocate and resource for their Scholar(s). They will cultivate a positive interpersonal relationship to guide their Scholar(s) on their journey to and through college.

What is the Navigator time commitment?

  • Make a minimum two-year commitment to your assigned Scholar(s)

  • Complete a weekly check-in with your Scholar, virtually or in-person

  • See your Scholar at least once a month in-person. GenOne offers two opportunities per month:

    • Curriculum Events: includes activities such as college visits, leadership academies and community service

    • Navigator-Scholar Connecting Events: fun activities designed to deepen the relationship you are building

  • Attend 50% of GenOne events

  • Attend 1 college advising appointment/year

  • Complete 1 home visit/year

  • Attend 2 Navigator Nights to connect with other Navigators, receive training and provide feedback

  • Submit a monthly log of activities and check-ins completed with your Scholars

I admire my scholars for their tenacity in achieving, their grace with me, their willingness to try new things and their devotion to family.
— GenOne Navigator

What outcomes do we hope to see from your relationship?

  • Form deep, interpersonal relationships with GenOne Scholars. This takes time and dedication.

  • Encourage Scholars in their participation of the GenOne Program and their pathway to college

  • Cultivate confidence in Scholars to attend and matriculate from college

  • Connect Scholars to opportunities presented through GenOne, your own network and the surrounding community

What is the process to become a Navigator?


  1. Fill out our website form: Become a Navigator

  2. Complete a background check

  3. Sign-up for a personal interview with GenOne Staff or Board Members

  4. Attend orientation training

  5. Meet your Scholar & Family

I’m super passionate about college access work, so it was a natural fit to get involved with GenOne! I specifically chose to be a Navigator because I really value building relationships with students and seeing a direct impact on a student’s life.
— GenOne Navigator

How does GenOne support Navigators?

  • We provide orientation and two professional development (training) opportunities a year

  • Our Navigator staff member will help you develop and maintain a relationship with your Scholars and their family

  • Access to a network of other Navigators in your Scholar cohort for support and community

  • GenOne curriculum uniquely developed for each year Scholars are in the program

How can YOU make a difference?

Are you a part of a corporate organization interested in Navigator roles for employees? Drop us a line!