Our Mission


GenOne partners with talented, first-generation students from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them successfully navigate to and through college.

  • We identify high-performing, rising seventh graders attending high-poverty public schools and involve students and their families in year-round academic and cultural programming lasting through high school graduation.

  • We cultivate social and emotional growth through cohort experiences, life skills training, and mentoring relationships (GenOne Navigators).

  • We advise college-ready scholars on higher-education school choice, financial aid, standardized tests, application submission, and career planning.

  • We continue to support and connect scholars with resources, enabling success through college graduation.


Our Vision


Every first-generation student from disadvantaged backgrounds who displays the desire and potential to be college bound will have the resources, people and programming necessary for them to access and flourish in higher education.

This is part of a grander vision to break cycles of generational poverty in Charlotte, a city which ranks 50/50 in Upward Social Mobility. GenOne provides the social capital and resources needed to equalize the incredible resource gap found between first-generation students in poverty and their affluent peers.