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Our mission is made possible through the contributions of our partners. Educational, corporate, and individual partners continue to drive us forward, allowing for more students each year to benefit from our programming model, and get to and through college.

Corporate Partners

GenOne Champions

  • Can offer summer jobs to our “top-of-their-class” Scholars

  • Host a “Career Exploration Workshop” at your company – GenOne is looking for positive
    experiences for our Scholars and “day-in-the-life” examples of the opportunities for college

Doctoral Degree

  • Can provide content to our curriculum, cultural experiences, or other enrichment content to our catalog of events

Master’s Degree

  • SAT/ACT test prep for a segment of our Scholars

  • Tutoring in math, language arts, and science

GenOne Cohort Sponsors

  • Collaborate with us on college prep curriculum, student enrollment, academic enrichment, and scholarships.

Bachelor’s Degree

Associate Degree

GenOne Scholar Sponsors

Educational Partners

Something about Educational Partners

Experiential Learning Partners

Something about Experiential Learning Partners

Honorable Mention

This are our partners who have donated time, effort, energy, or a portion of proceeds from a fundraiser.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Become a Counselor

Qualified high school and college counselors are needed to guide our Scholars. While our Scholars have access to CMS school counselors, the ratio is over 400:1. Our goal is to provide supplementary college readiness advising to GenOne Scholars on a more intimate basis. Please reach out to us using the form below with the subject: “I’m interested in becoming a counselor!”

Become a Corporate Navigator

GenOne Scholars need strong relationships with trusted adults to give them confidence and guidance to get to and through college. Corporate Navigators can host enrichment experiences with their company, mentor our students, and even help with job market navigation after college graduation. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more with the subject: “I’m interested in becoming a Corporate Navigator!”