Partner with GenOne

GenOne is looking for companies, schools, universities, and other nonprofits to partner with us to achieve our mission.


  • Can offer summer jobs to our “top-of-their-class” Scholars

  • Host a “Career Exploration Workshop” at your company – GenOne is looking for positive
    experiences for our Scholars and “day-in-the-life” examples of the opportunities for college


  • Can provide content to our curriculum, cultural experiences, or other enrichment content to our catalog of

Learning Academies

  • SAT/ACT test prep for a segment of our Scholars

  • Tutoring in math, language arts, and science


  • Collaborate with us on college prep curriculum, student enrollment, academic enrichment, and scholarships.

Become a Counselor

Qualified high school and college counselors are needed to guide our Scholars. While our Scholars have access to CMS school counselors, the ratio is over 400:1. Our goal is to provide supplementary college readiness advising to GenOne Scholars on a more intimate basis. Please reach out to us using the form below with the subject: “I’m interested in becoming a counselor!”

Become a Navigator

GenOne Scholars need strong relationships with trusted adults to give them confidence and guidance to get to and through college.