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We want to thank all of the partners who continue to support the work we are doing. Our mission would not be possible without your various contributions. Educational, corporate, and individual partners continue to drive us forward, allowing for more students each year to benefit from our programming model, and get to and through college.

GenOne Sponsors

Doctoral Degree

Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

Associate Degree

Educational Partners

We deeply value the educational institutions who support our GenOne Scholars and allow us to work in close partnership with their schools and institutions. We highly value an in-school model and realize the importance of enhancing a student's experience while in school. We want to thank the principals, administrators, leaders, teachers, professors, counselors, staff and faculty who support our Scholars and our work in unique ways. Thank You!

Experiential Learning Partners

A major component of our model is working with community experts who help us execute our Experiential Learning and Life Skill Development Academies through their expertise. We believe in exposing Scholars to immersive summer experiences so they can thrive when they get to college, and develop the skills they need to succeed in college and career. These partners have provided substantial discounts, scholarships or sponsorships to our GenOne program, enabling Scholars to access experiences they could not otherwise have. Thank you to all of our partners!

Individual Partners

GenOne Social Capital Champions

Are you passionate about social capital? Do you have people you may know across various industries in the Charlotte area? Help our Scholars (or the GenOne program) get connected to the Charlotte community!

  • Expose, connect or offer College Scholars summer internship opportunities in the surrounding area

  • Expose, connect or offer College Scholars to job opportunities

  • Help build a Scholar's network in their interested fields of work or study through email introductions and phone calls

  • Help GenOne program develop our program connections and opportunities to these incredibly talented students

GenOne Career Navigators

Do you have skills in HR or talent acquisition? Help our College Scholars by being a Career Navigator!

  • Resume building and review

  • Interview preparation and practice

  • Help Scholars job search, internship search and through application processes their junior and senior year of college

GenOne Cohort Sponsors

Do you want to help an entire GenOne Cohort succeed? Be a partner by sponsoring a cohort financially or offering your skillsets through curriculum development and teaching. Areas you can support:

  • Financial Cohort Sponsors

  • Leadership Development

  • Time Management Skills

  • Organizational Skills

  • College Success Tips

  • Team Building Activities

Interested in becoming a partner?

Become a GenOne Advisor

We’re looking for advisors! If you are an advisor with experience navigating the complex college application process who has a passion for our mission, is willing to work with families and students, if you bring experience to the table and are willing to be led by our Lead College Advisor and GenOne Advising Curriculum, drop us a line!

Corporate Navigation Partners

Sign up your company today to hear what it takes to be a GenOne Navigator, GenOne College Navigator or GenOne Career Navigator and partner with us by allowing your employees to get engaged in social mobility in our community!